Apivar is the only amitraz-based apiary product that treats several successive generations of varroa mites, reducing mite populations in the hive by up to 99%* in 1 application.

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HiveAlive is a feed supplement combining ingredients of a bio-active nature (seaweeds + thyme + lemongrass) to promote intestinal well-being and strengthen bee colonies. Thanks to the super-concentrated formula, you only need a little HiveAlive to go a long way (only 2.5ml per litre of syrup).

VespaCatch is a natural trapping method. The trap has been specially developed for hornets and is recognized as one of the best trapping method in Europe.

For maximum efficacy, use with the VespaCatch attractant solution.

Varroa EasyCheck is a ready-to-use varroa mite shaker that makes monitoring infestations more accurate and reliable than ever before: up to 80% efficacy with a single wash!

ApiLife Var is a natural alternative against varroa mites based on thymol, eucalyptus oil, L-menthol and camphor. ApiLifeVar results in best overwinter survival when using a natural products for 3 years (National Management survey - Bee informed Partnership - 2015)

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