Addition of 84 new bee colonies to the test apiary
Addition of 84 new bee colonies to the test apiary

Véto-pharma has just expanded its test apiary located in France (Chaillac) with the addition of 84 new nucs. Including this latest installation, there are now 250 colonies managed by Véto-pharma, spread over several apiaries in the commune of Chaillac. These colonies enable Véto-pharma to test new solutions under development, to support bee health in the years ahead.

Gaël Charpentier, beekeeper and scientist, is in charge of maintaining the good health of the colonies that visit the flowers at the test apiary in Indre. This investment is part of Véto-pharma’s strategy to dedicate a total of 8% of its turnover to “Research & Development” projects centred around bee health.

No solution is placed on the market without verification and in-situ testing.Our test apiary now has 250 hives, providing a significant quantitative and qualitative sample group to confirm the reliability of our solutions” explains Gaël Charpentier, beekeeper and scientist for Véto-pharma.

The test apiary extends over various sites in a 20km radius around the factory to ensure the best health possible for the bees. Avoiding nutritional deficiencies and the spread of contagious diseases between hives are the reasons behind this geographical layout.


Video filmed by the Véto-pharma team using a drone:

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