"HiveAlive is Really Paying Off for Me" Says Canadian Commercial Beekeeper
"HiveAlive is Really Paying Off for Me" Says Canadian Commercial Beekeeper

Dickey Bee of Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, is a fourth-generation commercial beekeeping operation with average annual honey production of about 100 lbs per colony for a total of 70,000 lbs of honey each year. Owner Peter Dickey has been using Veto-pharma's HiveAlive product in his colonies for three years and spoke to us about the benefits the product has delivered for his colonies.


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"My colony loss rate during last year's brutal winter was about 10-15 percent of our entire honeybee population," Peter said. "While that may seem high, it was far less severe than other beekeepers in the province, who had over-winter losses of at least 50 percent in their colonies."

That's how Peter Dickey summarizes the value he sees in using Veto-pharma's HiveAlive in his 700 bee colonies. HiveAlive is a natural feed enhancer that uses bio-active ingredients to promote intestinal wellbeing in honey bees, thereby strengthening bee colonies and increasing honey production. Hive Alive is distinguished by its unique composition in the world of beekeeping: natural marine extracts, thymol and lemongrass.

"My results with HiveAlive speak for themselves," Peter said. "I use it in sugar syrup form, but we've actually taken it a step further by incorporating HiveAlive into pollen patties. We have done comparison tests with competitive pollen patty products, but there's really no comparison between the HiveAlive Pollen Patties and the others. The bees devour the HiveAlive patties and don't even touch the others." Peter, who makes his own sugar syrup at a 1:1 ratio in the spring and a 2:1 ratio in the fall, discovered another unexpected benefit from using HiveAlive.

"Prior to using HiveAlive, I would mix my syrup and put it in the feeders," he says. "When I'd go back later to refill the feeder, I'd find that the syrup had gone bad with green mold. Since I have been incorporating HiveAlive into my syrup, none of it has gone moldy. I was kind of shocked. Even unused syrup from the spring will last into the fall with HiveAlive in it. That was a totally unexpected development."

Peter's orders for HiveAlive keep rising and more of his customers are using it than ever before.

"I think that's because beekeepers recognize the benefits of HiveAlive on the gut of the bee," Peter said. "It's getting a good reputation for helping the bees' digestive systems and getting them through the tough Canadian winters. My bees are alive, they're healthy, and we're definitely not having the losses that everyone else is suffering. HiveAlive is really paying off for me."

Test Results Prove HiveAlive's Benefits

A year and a half ago, Véto-pharma sent select beekeeping products to beekeepers for long-term, in-the-field testing. As a result, the Company has received feedback that confirms the value and cost-effectiveness of its products. Two of the beekeepers involved in the testing had this to say about one of the Véto-pharma products, HiveAlive:

"I have been very impressed with the product so far. I work closely with another local beekeeper and we generally follow similar treatment protocols. Early in the fall, both of us had losses of around 20 percent, but by late November, we noticed his hive's were not as strong as mine, and he has since incurred greater losses. The one main difference in our operations: I use HiveAlive."

Steve S., Michigan (200 colonies)

"The colonies we fed with HiveAlive last year have had only 15 percent losses so far, compared to 25 percent for the rest. They appear to have built-up very well. There were 75 colonies that we started from packages in early April and we split them into 300 in mid-June. My close beekeeper friend who runs about 300 colonies bought the same packages of bees in April. He also split them, but he didn't experience the same buildup that I saw in my bees. He did not use HiveAlive, and he has since seen losses of about 35 percent, so far. He plans to buy some HiveAlive this week."

Nick S., New York (1,000 colonies)


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