Véto-pharma has recently initiated a partnership agreement with COLOSS to become a Network Sponsor, joining Network Sponsor the Ricola Foundation – Nature and Culture and Conference Sponsor the E [...]
In order to provide a natural varroa control alternative for use by American beekeepers, Véto-pharma has concluded an exclusive distributionagreement with Chemicals Laif, the producer of [...]
Don’t miss this video to learn more about the benefits of feeding the bees with seaweeds, and the research conducted on HiveAlive. And feel free to share, share, share with your beekeepers f [...]
10 Jul 2016
The study held by the Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, and presented in the last issue of BeeActive, is now published in the Journal of Apicultural Research. Called “Long term effects of a food [...]
We thought about you! HiveAlive is now available in 10-liter bottle in Canada, New-Zealand and the U.S.A. Please contact your local retailer to check the availability. To learn more about the [...]
Surrounded by its partners, Véto-pharma celebrated the inauguration of eva (Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille or Honey Bee Valuation Center) in Chaillac, conveniently located in the center of F [...]
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