Véto-pharma announces the launch of a new innovative, economical and easy-to-use anti-Varroa treatment in Europe: Oxybee.
Véto-pharma has just expanded its test apiary located in France with the addition of 84 new nucs.
Peter Dickey has been using Veto-pharma's HiveAlive product in his colonies for three years and spoke to us about the benefits the product has delivered for his colonies.
New tutorial video explains how ApiLifeVar has grown to be one of the most-effective natural Varroa treatment available on the market.
Beekeepers from throughout North America are invited to meet members of the North American Véto-pharma team when visiting any of three major beekeeping events being held in the US this summer.
This month I am devoting an entire article to how to use the Varroa Easy Check, made by Véto-pharma, to monitor more simply and accurately.
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