Véto-pharma became a sponsor of the Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC) in 2018 to benefit its efforts to support honey bee health.
In addition to serving as Veto-pharma’s United States technical adviser, Phil Craft also writes a Question/Answer column – “Ask Phil” - in Bee Culture magazine.
A webinar helped build awareness among US beekeepers while educating them about ApiLifeVar's many benefits.
Patrick Schooler joined the Véto-pharma team last March, as Sales Manager for Germany.
As a pharmaceutical laboratory, Véto-pharma must assess all products that enter or leave its site, to check the quality and compliance of its products.
Véto-pharma is looking for beekeepers in Europe, willing to test the new Asian hornet trap. Based on your feedback we should be able to design a trap which best meets your needs.
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