In the summer of 2017, Jiri Danhilik, a researcher from Olomouc University in the Czech Republic, conducted a study to compare four varroa infestation monitoring methods. The results were [...]
In late 2017, Véto-pharma held a conference on the Asian hornet with Eric Darrouzet (a researcher at the Institute of Research on Insect Biology and the coordinator of the Hornet Research [...]
In 2017, many of you contacted us to find out where you could purchase Varroa EasyCheck, HiveAlive, or the VespaCatch hornet trap. To better meet your needs, we have decided to establish two new [...]
The chance to take a behind-the-scenes tour of a veterinary medicine factory doesn’t come along every day. Véto-pharma’s partners happily availed themselves of this privilege on October 20th of t [...]
We are pleased to announce the arrival of three new collaborators and the resulting expansion of our team working to improve bees’ health. Frederick Proni, an American beekeeper, is taking over a [...]
Last October, the new European suppliers were invited to step into Véto-pharma’s halls for a two-day beekeeping immersion course. The European partners, from a wide variety of countries in [...]
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