Varroa EasyCheck gold medal
Varroa EasyCheck gold medal

In the summer of 2017, Jiri Danhilik, a researcher from Olomouc University in the Czech Republic, conducted a study to compare four varroa infestation monitoring methods. The results were conclusive: Véto-pharma’s Varroa EasyCheck was the cheapest and most reliable method to monitor varroa infestation levels in beehives.

4 anti-varroa methods put to the test

Coordinated by Jiri Danhilik, 10 beekeepers analysed four methods of estimating varroa infestation levels in beehives: Véto-pharma’s Varroa EasyCheck®, Swienty’s Varroa Tester, a sugar-based Czech method from Bee Research Institute Ltd., and an artisanal method using washer fluid. The aim was to compare these tests’ reliability and ease of use on beehives to enable the most appropriate treatment to be chosen or tested for effectiveness.

Long-lasting and effective: Varroa EasyCheck® wins the race

Varroa EasyCheck® and Varroa Tester were the winning solutions. An average effectiveness of 87.5% for EasyCheck, and 85.2% for its CO2-based competitor! But Varroa EasyCheck® has a key advantage: this tool is cheaper and more economical, as the alcohol solution can be re-used. A source of pride for the R&D department!

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