Véto-pharma Sponsors Honey Bee Health Coalition
Véto-pharma Sponsors Honey Bee Health Coalition

Sponsorship helps drive education and innovation in fields that are critical to the future of honey bees worldwide.

Véto-pharma became a sponsor of the Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC) in 2018 to benefit its efforts to support honey bee health. Frederick Proni, Véto-pharma's new North America Area Manager, participates in HBHC's Outreach, Education and Communication Group, which creates tools, resources, and hands-on experiences to foster the adoption of proven practices and new innovations that improve honey bee health. Phil Craft, Véto-pharma's U.S. Technical Advisor, works with the organization's Hive Management Group, which strives to put the best available tools, techniques, and technologies in the hands of beekeepers so they can better manage their hives.

The HBHC's membership is comprised of beekeepers, growers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, conservation groups, manufacturers, and consumer brands. The members work together to address factors influencing bee health, including hive pests and disease, forage and nutrition, and exposure to crop pesticides. These efforts are focused on four key areas: Forage and Nutrition, Hive Management, Crop Pest Management, and Outreach, Education and Communication.

The HBHC is best known among beekeepers for its Varroa Management Guide, a document that consolidates the latest technical information on Varroa mites and makes it available via a download from the HBHC website at www.honeybeehealthcoalition.org. The Management Guide is supplemented by videos that explain the different Varroa treatments and monitoring methods (www.honeybeehealthcoalition.org/varroa).

"While I don’t believe the future of beekeeping is in imminent danger, we all need to take more action to ensure its sustainability," says Freddy. "Véto-pharma's solutions enable beekeepers to produce high-quality honey and keep their colonies healthy in the long term, but we can't stop there. Everyone who has a stake in supporting honey bee health should work cooperatively to develop new practices, procedures and products so we can improve honey bee health more quickly and with better results."

To learn more about Freddy and his new role at Véto-pharma, visit the Véto-pharma web site introductions page here.

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