100% dedicated to honey bee health.

Véto-pharma is a French pharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and distributes a range of innovative products to support honey bee health.

Our expertise guarantees the quality of our products, which are distributed in more than 20 countries around the world, positioning Véto-pharma as the current worldwide leader in Varroa treatments.

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About Véto-pharma

Our values:

Working toward a sustainable future

The heart of our work in the service of honey bee health is, by nature, oriented toward sustaining development. At Véto-pharma, this value is a key part of our development strategy and our decision-making processes.

Excellence and quality

All of our activities are driven by our ongoing search for excellence and our unswerving commitment to developing the best products and services for honey bee health. Our status as a pharmaceutical laboratory requires high quality in our work, and we apply these standards of quality not just to our range of products, but to our internal procedures as well.

Strong human convictions

A company’s reputation is built upon the values of its men and women. The cohesion of our team is one of the major strengths of our company, which, despite the small size of its workforce, rises to meet significant challenges every day. Each member of the team is recognized for his or her skill, personality, and convictions, which must mesh with those of the company.  We do everything we can to give each member of our staff the ability to develop his or her full potential.


Our internal and external relationships are based entirely on the team’s strong commitment to the success of our projects and the service of our clients: We are a dedicated team, proud of our values, mission, and the achievement of our objectives. We uphold a commitment to our clients and partners and, above all, to the apicultural industry, thus supporting its development and longevity.

Our mission: To bring people and science together in the service of honey bees

By combining our skills and values, our scientific expertise, and our technology resources, we create high-value products that support the beekeeping industry worldwide.