Innovation is the engine of our business

Around 6% of our revenue is invested in R&D, so that we can bring new solutions to the various issues facing the apicultural industry.

Our Research and Development approach is based on the support of both our internal experts and external partners:

  • Our technical team brings its expertise to the development of medications for honey bees, and benefits from an R&D laboratory belonging to Véto-pharma and a testing apiary.
  • We collaborate with multiple technical and scientific experts who are deeply involved in honey bee health worldwide, via national and international partners working to develop new solutions for the apicultural industry.

The Véto-pharma testing apiary

Composed of 150 colonies and intended to play a key role in the development of our product range, our testing apiary is located several kilometres from the pharmaceutical industrial site where part of our apicultural range is produced.

  • An apiculture researcher and technician, who is also a doctor in pathology, toxicology, genetics, and nutrition, has joined our team to care for the colonies and manage testing protocols.
  • His knowledge of apiculture, together with his scientific expertise, are a major asset in the creation of a dynamic and expert research and development program. He also works in tandem with the Véto-pharma technical department.

Research Veto-Pharma