At Véto-pharma, we believe a successful business grows on more than the strength of its profits. In our case, it demands on-going investment in, and a commitment to, all aspects of apiculture.

At the heart of Veto-pharma’s strategy are three objectives: protect and empower apiculture to support beekeepers; increase awareness of the importance of honey bees’ survival; and emphasize the role of honey bees in biodiversity. All our efforts, and the partnerships to which we are committed, are designed to help us meet those objectives.



Proud sponsor of the COLOSS network

Véto-pharma has recently initiated a partnership agreement with COLOSS to become a Network Sponsor. For the past two years, Véto-pharma has sponsored COLOSS’ conferences. Now, Véto-pharma is engaging in new way by providing the COLOSS its financial support, to develop its networking activities.

The mission of COLOSS is to improve the well-being of bees at a global level, advocating for bees health, coordinating international research and disseminating knowledge and training related to improving the well-being of bees. COLOSS projects are recognized worldwide and greeted by the whole beekeeping community.

This partnership is part of Véto-pharma’s vision for sustainable honey bee health around the world by promoting research and by providing high quality products designed for bees. We hope this partnership will further increase the visibility of COLOSS, and promote the great work they do in support of honey bee health.

If you want to learn more about the COLOSS, visit


Bee InformedVéto-pharma roots for the Bee Informed Partnership

In 2016, we’ve decided to start supporting the Bee Informed Partnership, a non-profit research institution working on the front lines with commercial beekeepers to reduce colony losses in the US.

Their Technical Transfer Teams visit apiaries in 5 regions across the United States to share best practices, monitor and sample colonies over time, and provide near real-time diagnostic data to help beekeepers make informed decisions. They have great results to show for their work, so great that the success of the program has created demands beyond the scope of their existing funds. Véto-pharma made a donation during a crowdfunding campaign to expand the Technical Transfer Team program and ultimately improve honey bee health to safeguard the food supply. 


EVAeva – ”Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille Véto-pharma” or Véto-pharma Honey Bee Valuation Center (FRANCE):  

The EVA combines a collective honey extraction plant and an educational space near the facility where Véto-pharma products are manufactured, in France. This vast program is intended to bring new energy to a region surrounded by woods and livestock farming, where apiculture is practiced less and less. Véto-pharma’s investment in EVA helps promote and enhance the value of beekeeping and support its development and sustainability.