A glimpse of history : Véto-pharma past, present and future…

1978 - Creation of Véto-pharma

Its business is the marketing of veterinary pharmaceutical products.


2002 - Apivar, principal product in the Véto-pharma range

Véto-pharma begins distributing Apivar, a medicine that combats  Varroa destructor, the principal honey bee parasite, while simultaneously continuing its pharmaceutical product sales business.


2002-2008 - Market expansion

  • Growth in Europe – Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
  • 2004: Introduction of Apivar in New Zealand.
  • 2008: Introduction of Apivar in Canada.


2009 - Release of Apivar in Japan + Response to the threat of the Asian hornet in Europe

Véto-pharma develops and makes available to French beekeepers one of the first Asian hornet traps. Today, this trap is recognized as the most effective one on the market. 


2011 - Apivar introduced in the Turkish market.


2012 - A new milestone with the arrival of Apivar in the USA and the total reinvention of our strategy.

Arrival in the USA, a key market in the global beekeeping industry

  • After more than 4 years of development and a large investment, Véto-pharma obtains authorization to market Apivar in the United States, thus opening the doors to one of the largest beekeeping markets in the world.

A company 100% dedicated to honey bees

  • This strategic decision is based on the firm convictions of the management team regarding the importance and necessity of creating a global expert in bee health. As a result, we reinvented our way of doing business, and strengthened our ambition to succeed.
  • Refocusing the company on international growth and innovative apiculture products required that we abandon non-apiculture-related activities that, in 2010, represented more than 50% of our revenue. This fact alone demonstrates our deep commitment to apiculture.


2013 - The milestone is reached of having treated 5 million colonies with Apivar worldwide.

  • Acquisition of Apiten in Japan. Apiten is a medication used in treatment against foulbrood, and a leader in the Japanese market.
  • Introduction of Apivar in Afghanistan.


2014 - Creation of Véto-pharma US and a strong local commitment to the development of apiculture in France:

  • Introduction of Apivar in Albania and Lebanon: The Véto-pharma range is now distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide. 
  • Launch of the NutriBee Propolis nutritional product range.
  • Installation of a testing apiary with 150 colonies dedicated to Research and Development activities.
  • Construction of eva (Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille, or Honey Bee Valuation Center) begins.


2015 - Grand opening and inauguration of eva

The “Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille”, or Honey Bee Valuation Center.