HiveAlive is a feed supplement combining ingredients of a bio-active nature (seaweeds + thyme + lemongrass) to promote intestinal well-being and strengthen bee colonies. Thanks to the super-concentrated formula, you only need a little HiveAlive to go a long way (only 2.5ml per litre of syrup).

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The scientifically validated benefits of HiveAlive™

  • -15% reduction in overwintering mortality (1) # +89% increase in colony population (1)
  • +35% increase in amount of brood (2)
  • Increase in honey production (2)
  • Intestinal well-being / Healthy colonies
  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • Available in different sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 2 litres, 10 litres.


HiveAlive: Unique and natural ingredients

HiveAlive™ uses only natural active ingredients scientifically selected for maximum benefits to promote intestinal wellbeing in honey bees, thereby strengthening colonies and maximize honey production.



Using a patented process, a unique combination of MacroAlgae extracts, some found only on the coast of Ireland, was developed by experts in nutrition and marine biology. MacroAlgae are internationally recognized to have beneficial properties in both animal and human and to sustain intestinal well-being.

Thyme oil

HiveAlive uses a unique emulsification process to ensure it blends easily into sugar syrup and does not cause separation or re-crystallization.


Calms the bees and makes sugar syrup attractive to them.


HiveAlive does not contain Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients, antibiotics, harsh chemicals or sodium lauryl sulfate.



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When to use HiveAlive?

  • Autumn: To minimize winter losses, build stronger colonies and improve intestinal well-being.
  • Spring: To maximize colony build-up, prepare for migration and improve intestinal well-being.
  • For extra benefit, HiveAlive can be fed to your hives anytime up to 2 weeks before the honey supers are added.


How to use HiveAlive?

HiveAlive is easily added to syrup at a rate of 2.5ml HiveAlive per litre syrup (10ml HiveAlive per gallon). Feed a minimum of 4 litres (1 gallon) of activated syrup per season. For best results, all syrup fed should be activated with HiveAlive.

HiveAlive’s patented manufacturing process preserves the natural bioactive properties of seaweeds which maximizes their effectiveness for bee health. The resulting super concentrate means you only need a little HiveAlive to go a long way (only 2.5ml per litre of syrup).

Can be added to candy or inverted syrup. The temperature of syrup/candy must not be above 50°C/122°F

Bees underperforming, weak or not feeding should also be sprayed/drenched as per instructions below.


Instructions for spraying/drenching:

  1. Spray/drench once per week for three weeks.
  2. Use syrup with equal parts sugar and water (1:1).
  3. Add HiveAlive to sugar syrup at a max concentration 1:100 (example: 3ml of HiveAlive in 300ml syrup).
  4. Spray the entire brood box, wetting bees and both sides of all frames. Alternatively, drench the hive by sprinkling the activated syrup evenly between frames.

“The population increased rapidly and honey production increased. On average production per hive is approx. 25% more and the hives are more consistent in production”

Donald Tweeddale (20,000 hives in New Zealand)


"I am now running 1000 Langstroth hives and 300 five frame Nucs. I have been using HiveAlive for the last two seasons and I have noticed a huge build up difference in our colonies since adding HiveAlive to our syrup. Also loving the longevity added to the premixed syrup as it doesn’t tend to ferment for ages."

David Stapleton (Owner of Apitree & Head of Apiculture, Senior Tutor for Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand)


“Every one of my 300 hives survived the winter. I am extremely impressed with HiveAlive™ and will continue to use it for all my hives.”

Peter Little (professional beekeeper, UK)


"I used HiveAlive in the fall and in the spring. After use more hives are surviving, the colonies are stronger and there are more workers per colony. HiveAlive is definitely beneficial."

José María Tirado, Beekeeper (Madrigal de la Vera, Cáceres, Spain)


"A previously weak apiary yielded 36% more honey than my overall average yield after being treated with HiveAlive. Impressive, especially given the fact that two of the hives in that apiary swarmed."

Micheál Mac Giolla CodaProfessional Beekeeper, NatDipSc (Apic), CFL, FIBKA Honey Judge, BBKA Senior Honey Judge and Bee Breeder.


"My research team and I are very excited about verifying the efficacy of HiveAlive and to see the huge benefit that it can bring to honeybee colonies."

Dr Grace McCormack (Head of Zoology, National Univeristy of Ireland, Galway)