Varroa control

Apivar is the only amitraz-based apiary product that treats several successive generations of varroa mites, reducing mite populations in the hive by up to 99%* in 1 application.

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Apivar strips consist of only two components:

  • Amitraz, an acaricide, is the active ingredient in Apivar strips.
  • This active ingredient is delivered to the honey bees via the polymer strip, which is specially designed to constantly deliver the active ingredient via the surface of the strip after it is placed in the hive.

Apivar works by contact: the active ingredient is delivered continuously over time. As bees walk on the strip’s surface they pick up molecules of the active ingredient and then distribute them throughout the colony.

Apivar has been subject to a variety of stringent regulatory studies and evaluations and its high effectiveness was proven by various scientific trials in different countries, with a constant efficacy between 97 and 99% for more than 10 years.*


To learn more about Apivar's efficacy, be sure you download the brochure on the next tab.


* Reference: National Effectiveness Monitoring of the French Federation of Sanitary Beekeeping Organizations (FNOSAD) of 2007-2016.

Directions for use:

  1. Remove honey supers before application of Apivar.
  2. Use 2 Apivar strips per brood chamber (i.e., one strip per 5 Frames of Bees - FoB).
  3. Separate the double strip and hang each strip between two comb frames inside the brood area or the bee cluster, with a minimum distance of 2 frames between strips.
  4. Suspend Apivar strips in the heart of the brood (not on the edge) in such a way that the bees can walk on both sides of the strips.
  5. Leave strips inside the hive for 42 days, and then remove.

In case of movement inside the beehive far from the strips, reposition the strips into the bee cluster, and leave the strips in place for 14 more days.

Strips must be removed after a maximum of 56 days. DO NOT re-use the strips.



Hang Apivar strips in the hives in the spring and/or the fall if Varroa mite infestations have reached treatment threshold.

Treat all of your colonies simultaneously to avoid re-infestation.


Withholding period for honey collection:

Wait 14 days after removing strips before placing honey supers on hive. DO NOT USE APIVAR STRIPS WHEN HONEY SUPERS ARE PRESENT. If mite infestation reaches treatment thresholds in fall, remove surplus honey supers before using Apivar.

"We tested 10 hives in two apiaries. An alcohol wash of 300 bees showed an average of 25 to 30 mites before treatment. After a 42-day Apivar treatment, we did another wash that showed an average of only one or two mites. Needless to say, we were impressed with Apivar's efficacy and ease of use."

Ted Jones, Jones’ Apiaries, Farmington


"I have used Apivar for more than four years and I am very happy with the results. In fact, I have never found another product that can match Apivar for effectiveness."

Hossein Yeganehrad, Caspian Apiaries, BC, Canada

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