Varroa EasyCheck
Varroa control

Varroa EasyCheck is a ready-to-use varroa mite shaker that makes monitoring infestations more accurate and reliable than ever before: up to 80% efficacy with a single wash!

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  • Designed for effectiveness: The filter basket is the key to EasyChecks's reliability! Fallen mites pass through holes in the base and sides of the filter basket.
  • Quick and easy to use. Only 3 steps!
  • Easily transportable and made from robust, solid material
  • Tight-fitting lid is leak-free and comfortable to use
  • Two molded guide lines allow samples of 200 or 300 bees
  • Transparent bowl allows accurate counting and reliable sampling


Why monitor varroa infestation?

  • To detect a massive Varroa build-up and plan treatment options (in early spring or between honey flows, for example).
  • To optimize treatment strategy (when and how to treat)
  • To control the effectiveness of a performed treatment


Did you know?

A 3% infestation can cut honey yield by up to 28 pounds/year.


Maisonnasse, et al, 2014. A study conducted by INRA found that a 3% Varroa infestation cut honey production by 11 lbs. of lavender honey per flow, or as much as 28 lbs. per year.

Quick and easy to use:

Beekeepers simply collect 200 or 300 bees and shake them for 60 seconds in the EasyCheck shaker, with a solution of alcohol or winter windshield washer fluid.


For more detailed explanations, check on the video tutorial on the next tab, and read the label inside the product to ensure proper use.

"The filter basket is the key to EasyCheck’s reliability, as its design incorporates numerous holes in the bottom and sides of the basket that allow detached mites to fall more easily to the bottom of the optically clear EasyCheck bowl. That’s why Varroa EasyCheck is more effective and reliable than other devices."

Phil Craft (Retired Kentucky state apiarist & Author of the "Ask Phil" column in Bee Culture)


« My opinion: This is a great device for field use. It’s fast, easy, and cheap.”

Cam Lay (Former Montana State Apiarist – USA)


“The less accurate results were obtained with the powdered sugar. Your Varroa EasyCheck separated more varroa mites, like I imagined: between 35 and 38% more [compared to the sugar method]”

Antonio Pajuelo (honey bee expert in Spain)


“After testing EasyCheck, my conclusion is that every beekeeper should buy this product. Its easy to use, and easy to read to obtain your phoretic mite percentage. You can re-use the same liquid for each use, so once you buy it the cost if very reasonable. I will use this tool without moderation next season, to better select my stock and maintain a mite population lower than 3% in the season.”

Mickael T. (300 hives in France)


“EasyCheck is fast and easy solution to test your varroa mite infestation level, which is vital for the colony survival. It’s affordable for all beekeepers.”

Julien Jeuniaux (100 hives in Belgium)

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