Sustainable development at the heart of our commitments

Honey bees, crucial indicators of ecosystem well-being, rely on optimal environmental conditions for their survival and prosperity. At Véto-pharma, our dedication to biodiversity, specifically the well-being of honey bees, lies at the core of our mission, firmly embedded in our vision and values.

Our resolve is to actively promote honey bee health, aiming to make a significant contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and global food security. The efforts of pollinators directly impact the quality, diversity, and abundance of the crops that constitute our sustenance.

Our commitment extends beyond mere research, development, and the distribution of cutting-edge health products. It encompasses the implementation of a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, fostering awareness, supporting the industry, and embracing a commitment to sustainable development. While we have achieved tangible progress over the past four decades, our journey toward a more sustainable future is an ongoing endeavor.

This journey is not one we tread alone; it is the culmination of collaborations with diverse partners, stakeholders, and individuals who share our passion and commitment.

Recognizing the strength in unity, we place great importance on forging new partnerships and working collaboratively to tackle emerging challenges, realize future projects, and explore innovative solutions.

Sustainable development commitment

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pledges

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pledges

  • Drive sustainable innovation and development initiatives.
  • Ensure the production of safe, high-quality products meeting stringent standards.
  • Minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Strengthen connections with stakeholders and cultivate partnerships.
  • Uphold ethical practices in our dealings with customers and partners.
  • Advocate and actively contribute to the advancement of the beekeeping industry.