Amiflex is the first registered amitraz “flash” treatment in the USA, without temperature constraints

This is the result of 6 years of R&D by the Véto-pharma team. The goal was to provide a legal, safe and ready-to-use “flash” amitraz product for commercial beekeepers. Challenge accepted!

The new Amiflex gel provides an easy way to treat hives before, between or after honey flows, or just before starting a slow-release treatment, without temperature constraints.1

Amiflex is the first registered amitraz flash treatment in the USA
Application of 3ml of Amiflex gel in the hive
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When can I use Amiflex?

Amiflex is a 7-day treatment.

You can use it before, after or between honey flows, as there is no withdrawal period after application. Maximum flexibility! Just make sure you always treat without honey supers.

In case of high infestation, you can apply up to 2 subsequent applications, with a 7-day break in-between.

You can also use Amiflex at the end of the season, right before your slow-release treatment, to get a knock-down effect before applying the long-action treatment to do its job. Combining a flash + slow-release treatment ensures a fast mite reduction and long-term protection for several weeks.

Keep in mind that you can apply Amiflex up to 4 times per year on the same colony.

Amiflex does not replace long-action treatments. It is an additional tool for your varroa control strategy.

Ready-To-Use for maximum convenience

The application of Amiflex is fast and super easy. You only have to insert the cartridge into the dosing gun, and you are ready to take the mites out.

The dosing gun, included in the starter pack, has been designed to deliver a specific dose of 3mL per application. Never worry about the dosage and save a lot of time!

Apply 2 doses of 3mL of Amiflex gel per bee box. It means a total of 6mL for a single-body hive, and 12mL for a double-body hive.

Each cartridge contains 120mL of gel.

There is no mixing or additional equipment required.

Application of the Amiflex gel on the wooden supports provided in the packaging
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Amiflex is safe for the bees, the beekeeper and the hive products
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Safe for the bees and hive products

Although homemade amitraz flash treatments are forbidden, they have been widely used for many years, as no legal product was previously registered for this purpose.

Now, US beekeepers finally have a legal, safe, ready-to-use “flash” treatment. The safety of Amiflex has been strictly evaluated for:

  • The bees: No impact on the bee population, on the queen or on brood development. Amiflex can also be used in presence of queens, queen cells or non-mated young queens.
  • The hive products: No impact on the quantity of honey stored, and no residues detected in honey or combs exceeding EPA thresholds.

How and where to get it?

It comes in two different packaging formats:

  • A “Starter pack”, containing 1 dosing gun , 10 cartridges (120mL each) and 400 wooden supports.
  • A “Refill pack”, containing 10 cartridges (120mL each) and 400 wooden supports.

With a single pack, you can treat between 100 hives (double brood box) and 200 hives (single brood box).

The two packaging formats are already available in the USA from several beekeeping suppliers, and many others to come!

Amiflex is registered in all States of the USA, except CA (California) [still pending]

  • Foxhound Bee Company: Amiflex is available online! Check it out here.
  • Bemis Honey Bee Farm: Contact them directly to place your order!
  • Mann Lake: Amiflex is available online! Check it out here.

Beekeeper loading an Amiflex cartridge on the dosing gun
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Restricted Use Pesticide Status

The RUP (Restricted Use Pesticides) status implies that these pesticides can only be used by certified applicators who have completed specialized training and are licensed by the state or federal government. This is to ensure that RUPs are applied in a safe and effective manner.

If you are interested in learning more about pesticide safety regulations and certification programs in your state, the EPA provides a comprehensive list of state pesticide safety education programs on their website.

Here is a PDF containing direct links to the Pesticide Use License programs for each state.

Do you have any questions about Amiflex?
Our FAQ is available here.
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1 – No temperature constraints during the treatment.

Amiflex is registered under RUP status (Restricted Use Pesticide). The “Restricted Use” classification restricts a product, or its uses, to use by a certified applicator or someone under the certified applicator’s direct supervision.