Apivar Easy Rip strips: a varroa amitraz treatment
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With the new Apivar “Easy Rip” strips, you can tear several layers of strips in one move. Compared with the previous version of Apivar, you can now rip 3 times as many strips in the same amount of time. Say “bye-bye” to the hassle of separating Apivar strips and save a ton of time!

This new version of Apivar comes in packs of 4, 12, and 60 strips. You can purchase the most suitable packs for your operation, whether you run 1 or 1000 hives. Lose no strips, lose no penny thanks to these new packaging sizes.

Apivar: The trusted amitraz strip

Apivar is the only registered amitraz-based treatment against varroa mites. It comes in the form of plastic strips to insert into the hive.

Easy to use, Apivar requires only one application and can be used without temperature constraints.1 Manufactured in France since 1995, our know-how ensures a consistent quality of the product.

Apivar: the varroa amitraz treatment
A unique formulation

A unique formulation

Apivar is manufactured using a unique formulation with only two components: amitraz (the active molecule) and the plastic polymer. A simple composition that respects bees and hive products.

The polymer has been specifically selected to ensure a continuous, long-term release of amitraz throughout the treatment period, allowing several generations of varroa mites to be targeted in a single application.

The vacuum preservation system allows Apivar to be stored for up to 2 years after manufacture, without adding excipients to guarantee the stability.

Ease of use

Applying Apivar is easy. Simply place 1 strip for 5 frames of bees (usually 2 strips per brood chamber). A single application corresponds to a full treatment.

Apivar can be used at any time of year (provided there is activity in the hive, as the treatment works by contact), and without temperature constraints.1 No need to monitor your thermometer and estimate temperature peaks throughout the treatment. That’s one stress less for you and your colonies.

Disclaimer: This webpage is designed for US and Canadian customers. Apivar labeling may vary depending on your region. Please refer to your local Apivar label for instructions for use.

Ease of use
Efficacy and winter survival

Efficacy and winter survival

Recent efficacy studies have demonstrated a consistent efficacy of Apivar between 96% and 99.8%, even in the countries where Apivar has been used for 25 years.2-3-4

However, high treatment efficacy is not the only indicator of treatment success. Winter survival rate is a relevant indicator to assess treatment outcome and management strategy. A report based on 10 years of studies (2010-2020) has shown a difference in the mortality rate of colonies depending on the varroa treatment used.

The last published review showed that colonies treated with Apivar had an average of 16% winter losses versus 21% for illegal amitraz, 24% for Apistan and MAQS, 28% for thymol-based drugs, and 35% for VarroMed (only approved in Europe). Colonies that have not been treated reported a 49% loss.5

Pharmaceutical quality

Apivar is manufactured in France in accordance with European Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and meets strict pharmaceutical quality standards.

The selected amitraz is of French origin and of pharmaceutical quality, superior to the level required by European quality standards.

Strict controls and analyses are carried out for each batch before marketing. Batches that do not meet the regulatory standards and characteristics of the product are not marketed. In case of anomaly, they are discarded and destroyed. Quality and reliability are a priority for us.

Pharmaceutical quality

Apivar 4-minutes video tutorial [US/Canada version]

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1- According to Apivar labeling, there is no temperature constraint during the treatment application. However, the packs of Apivar should be stored in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Olmstead et al. – Apivar® and Bayvarol® suppress varroa mites in honey bee colonies in Canadian Maritime Provinces – J. Acad. Entomol. Soc. 15: 46-49 (2019)
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