6 values that guide us every day

Our internal and external relations are built entirely on the strong commitment of our team, underpinned by our Véto-pharma values which guide our strategy and our daily actions, to successfully complete our projects and serve our customers:

A committed team proud of the Véto-pharma values, its missions and its achieved objectives.

Commitments to our customers, partners and in particular the beekeeping industry, thus contributing to its development and sustainability.

Véto-pharma value: always human

Always human

Our internal and external relations are based on mutual respect and trust. We attach importance to openness, dialogue, team spirit and human relations. All our team members are recognized for their skills, personality and convictions, and their own values must align with those of our company. We do all we can to give everyone an opportunity to develop their potential and feel proud.

Nothing is impossible

To shape our future, we must invent it. All our activities are driven by our ongoing research to create innovative products and services, anticipate the future needs of our customers, initiate projects with partners and think outside the box to change the rules of the game. This approach helps us achieve our goal of excellence and meet our unwavering commitment to developing the best honey bee health products and services.

Nothing is impossible
Win win win

Win win win

We serve a noble cause, which is the health of honey bees, the sentinels of our environment, and we help keep the beekeeping industry alive. We win not only by delivering sustainable solutions based on responsible choices, but also by contributing to the growth of all the industry’s stakeholders. Our philosophy is to manage our resources responsibly and prioritize our investments with the conviction that we are acting for all. This value is incorporated into our development strategy and into our decisions for the future.

One team, one focus

Team cohesion is one of the main strengths of our company, which despite its human-sized workforce meets important challenges every day. We focus primarily on the needs and wishes of our customers while anticipating their future needs. We act transparently and ethically; each member of our team is committed to our mission and to their daily work at Véto-pharma. Our pharmaceutical status imposes a high level of quality and rigor, governing both our products and our internal procedures.

Véto-pharma value: one team, one focus


In our industry, we need to be responsive. Our agility is in our DNA and helps us achieve our goals, even those that seem intimidating at first glance. This stimulating energy allows us to use our agility to find creative solutions while also assessing and limiting risks. We increase all our chances for success by using efficient processes to best serve our customers.

Keep it simple, make it fun

By working in a simple and clear way, we can move forward quickly and collaborate effectively with our customers, our partners, and within our own team. Our goal is to facilitate cooperation with our customers and partners and invent ways to make reality inspiring for all.

Véto-pharma value: keep it simple, make it fun

Our Commitments

 Sustainable innovation and development.

Develop and guarantee safe products with high quality requirements.

Increase links with stakeholders and develop partnerships.

Act ethically with our customers and partners.

Support and contribute to the development of the beekeeping industry.