Our commitments to the beekeeping industry

At Véto-pharma, we are convinced that a company grows not only through results. But also through the synergy and investment of its team, for the development and the promotion of its industry.

Our projects are driven by our commitment to defend and promote beekeeping, support beekeepers, raise awareness of the need for the survival of honey bees, and communicate its role in biodiversity in order to support the beekeeping industry and the actions undertaken with our partners.

EVA, an R&D and beekeeping support center

EVA was created by Véto-pharma in 2015 with the aim of combining innovation, technics and education. This facility, dedicated to honey bees and beekeeping, is composed of a research and development center attached to a testing apiary of around 300 colonies, a honey extraction plant, and an educational space to raise awareness of the preservation of honey bees.

EVA is located near the center of Chaillac, in central France, close to the site where its products are manufactured. This vast program, supported by the municipality, currently in the process of industrial redevelopment, is helping create local jobs and boost the economic development of a region surrounded by wooded groves and livestock.

EVA, an R&D and beekeeping support center
Proud supporter of the COLOSS international network

Proud supporter of the COLOSS international network

Since 2017, Véto-pharma has become one of the main sponsors of COLOSS.

Our support is helping promote sustainable honey bee health worldwide by encouraging research and providing high-quality products specifically developed.

COLOSS (COLony LOSSes) is an international association based in Switzerland. Its mission is to support the survival of honey bees worldwide, promote their health, coordinate international research and disseminate knowledge and education to improve their well-being. Its projects are recognized worldwide and acclaimed unanimously by the beekeeping community.

GOLD partner of “Concours des Miels de France,” organized by UNAF

Véto-pharma has supported the French “Concours des Miels de France” (National Honey Contest) competition since its creation in 2018.

This annual event, organized by UNAF (French Union of Beekeepers) and the CNTESA (National Technical, Economic and Scientific Beekeeping Commission), rewards the quality of French honey and beekeeping excellence.

Juries composed of experienced beekeepers, tasting specialists (Meilleur Ouvrier de France pastry chefs and Michelin-starred chefs), journalists, and prominent figures determine the award-winning honeys in the various categories. Increasingly popular since 2018, the competition has recently added new categories, including gingerbread, nougat and mead.

GOLD partner of “Concours des Miels de France,” organized by UNAF
Partner of the Honey Bee Health Coalition in the United States

Partner of the Honey Bee Health Coalition in the United States

Since 2018, Véto-pharma has played a key role as a sponsor of the Honey Bee Health Coalition, an initiative bringing together beekeepers, farmers, researchers, government agencies, protection associations, laboratories, manufacturers and major brands. 

These players collaborate in working groups to develop concrete projects to support honey bee health.

Members examine various factors influencing honey bee health, such as parasites (varroa, small beetles…), hive diseases, nutrition and exposure to pesticides used on crops. The Honey Bee Health Coalition deploys educational and awareness-raising initiatives aimed at beekeepers and the general public. To this end, it provides information on best practices for preserving honey bee health.

Collaboration with Simon Fraser University to combat Varroa mite

In 2023, Véto-pharma and Canada’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) are joining forces to develop a new acaricide against varroa mite.

The new active discovered by a team of researchers in the early 2000s has considerable potential to revolutionize the fight against the honey bee’s major parasitic mite, Varroa destructor. This discovery will make it possible to offer beekeepers around the world a new, effective and appropriate solution. Field trials carried out in Canada over the last few years have shown promising results.

Véto-pharma and USF are convinced that this collaboration will make it possible to put this discovery into practice and preserve the health of bee colonies worldwide.

Collaboration with Simon Fraser University to combat Varroa mite.

Other actions undertaken worldwide

  • Writing and distribution of a Varroa guide translated into several languages, offering detailed information on the biology of Varroa, its impacts on colonies, ways to monitor and control it, etc.
  • The “Valorisons l’abeille et l’apiculture” [Promoting honey bees and beekeeping] national amateur photography competition open to adults and children, with free provision of a large format exhibition of the 20 best photographs from the competition to municipalities, communities, partners, etc.
  • Distribution of bee-friendly seed mixes at gatherings and beekeeping events.
  • Participation in local beekeeping events.
  • Support for creating educational sticky boards to raise awareness of Varroa monitoring.