Amiflex is the first registered amitraz “flash” treatment in the USA, without temperature constraints, and the result of 6 years of R&D by the Véto-pharma team. Amiflex provides a legal, safe and easy way to treat hives before, between or after honey flows, or just before starting a slow-release treatment.




Amiflex will be available soon from your trusted beekeeping suppliers in the USA, as the state registrations progress. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing you with this innovative solution as soon as possible.



This brochure is an essential document to help you use Amiflex treatment to its fullest potential, you will find :



-Introduction of Amiflex


-How to apply the treatment


-When you should remove it


-Recommandations in case of high infestation in spring


-General recommandations


-How to get Amiflex



Amiflex® is registered as a “Restricted Use Pesticide” (RUP). Please consult the EPA website for more information about pesticide safety regulations and certification programs in your state.

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