This 8-pages brochure will help you in better undertanding how Apivar works, its key advantages, and when/how to use it in your colonies to control varroa mites.


Apivar is the only amitraz-based varroa treatment containing only amitraz and the plastic strip. The special manufacturing process results in an even distribution of amitraz within the whole strip, not only on the surface. As Apivar works by contact, the active ingredient is continuously delivered each time the bees pick up the molecule from the surface. Long-acting treatments like Apivar kill several successive generations of varroa mites during the treatment period. As a result, the colony remains clean for the long term.


Apivar is a product of Véto-pharma, a French pharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative products to help beekeepers prevent and control hive diseases and infestations for 25 years. Apivar is manufactured in a dedicated facility operated to the highest standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Each batch is stricly controlled and analyzed before commercialization.


Thanks to its unique composition and its controlled release technology, Apivar guarantees respect for the quality of your honeys. At the recommended dosage, the level of residues of amitraz + metabolites for Apivar is well below the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) set by the European Medicines Agency.


Recent studies were conducted between 2018 and 2021, with efficacy rates above 97%. These results show a consistent efficacy even after 25 years of use in France, the first country where Apivar was authorized.

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