Varroa EasyCheck is the first ready-to-use, 3-in-1 infestation monitoring tool that can be used for alcohol wash, sugar roll and CO2 injection. The choice is yours!


Alcohol wash consists of immersing a sample of bees into alcohol and then gently shaking the EasyCheck to detach the phoretic mites so they can be counted.


With the sugar roll method, the bees are rolled with powdered sugar, causing the mites to separate from the bees. The EasyCheck is then gently shaken, causing the sugar and the mites to pass through the white basket’s holes.


In the CO2 method, bees and mites are rendered unconscious by exposure to carbon dioxide gas. The sample of anesthetized bees is then gently shaken in the EasyCheck, causing the mites to fall from the bees.

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