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We have designed this space to allow you to quickly and efficiently find beekeeping documentation. It addresses the main issues of the beekeeping world, and we have produced it with rigor and professionalism.

You can download our resources in pdf or watch our videos: white papers, data sheets, tutorials, … Of course, all our documents are accessible free of charge.

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beekeeping documentation: the Véto-pharma resources library
Amitraz video

Amitraz resistance : It’s not Game Over yet

Find it out in this 4 minutes video if amitraz will be the next beekeeping miticide becoming completely ineffective?

Beekeeping Today Podcast – Amiflex

In this episode of Beekeeping Today Podcast, we talk about our new Varroa fighting product : Amiflex launching in USA.
Quiz Kahoot
quiz kahoot nutrition (1)

Quiz Kahoot – Varroa mite biology

Test your knowledge with this quiz on varroa mite biology !
Quiz Kahoot
Kahoot quiz-IPM France

Quiz Kahoot – Integrated Pest Management

Test your knowledge with this 15-question quiz on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Apivar-retraitement-lanieres (1)

Video – Understand the varroa mite life cycle

5’30min animated video to better understand how varroa mites feed, reproduce and impact honey bee colonies.

FAQ Frequently asked questions – Varroa resistance to acaricides

7 questions/answers to better understand varroa resistance to acaricides

Varroa – Screening of molecules project

Véto-pharma's innovation team has tested more than 40 active ingredients against varroa mites, in search of the new treatments of tomorrow.

Varroa EasyCheck 3 in 1 at a glance

Need a quick understanding of what Varroa EasyCheck is? This leaflet will give you a super quick explanation so you only have to remember the essentials.

Biology of the varroa mite

Presentation summarizing the key points to understand the biology of the varroa mite, and when to apply the treatments.

Varroa Guide – North America version

A popular guide for beekeepers summarizing all the information about varroa mites: biology, mite monitoring and treatment strategy.

Why and how to use Varroa EasyCheck 3 in 1 ?

Complete guide summarizing the purpose of mite monitoring, and answering key questions on when and how to use Varroa EasyCheck.

Why and how to monitor bee colonies?

Very complete PowerPoint presentation on infestation monitoring (why and how to do it?) and on the Varroa EasyCheck 3 in 1 tool.

Efficiency of varroa monitoring methods

Poster presented at Apimondia 2019 in Montreal (Canada) to demonstrate the benefit of a standardized method for varroa monitoring.

Tutorial: How to use Apivar?

Practical video tutorial filmed in the Véto-pharma apiary to share instructions and practical tips for use.