Véto-pharma and its teams are aware that it is urgent to propose new active ingredients that will allow a sustainable management of varroa mites, allowing an rotation of treatments without risks for humans and bees.

Thus, since 2018, about forty molecules have been evaluated by our innovation team against varroa with our own method of molecules screening, in order to identify which could be the effective molecules for future treatments.

This presentation summarizes the protocol of our screening method, and presents some of the results obtained:
– Some molecules to be avoided, because of their high toxicity for the bee (in particular certain essential oils)
– The results of molecules having shown very promising results, for which our team will continue its investigations in order to identify a possible application in hives.

When an active ingredient is identified after screening, many steps follow to arrive at a final product that can be used by the beekeeper and authorized for sale. These processes can take on average between 5 and 10 years. A long way on which we are committed daily to ensure an optimistic future for the bee and the beekeepers.

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